Action Alert: 18 November, Global Mobilization Day

This 18 November, join the Brave Movement to mobilize for the 2nd Annual World Day for Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Childhood Sexual Violence

We have evidence-based solutions to know what works and what action is needed. Our survivors and allies are mobilizing to demand bold action by G7 leaders and governments around the world to invest billions, both domestically and internationally, to end this scourge in every nation.

How can you, your organizations and networks mobilize? Get involved by making a video, sending an advocacy postcard to G7 leaders or making your own Brave Movement “purple remembrance plaque” with your call to action. Visit our website for detailed information on how you can join the Global Mobilization Day!

Watch Brave France Co-Founder, Mie Kohiyama’s 18 November Global Mobilization Day call for action. The Brave Movement is mobilizing our partners and allies to make their one-minute videos talking about their support for survivors and their individual calls to action. On 18 November, the Brave Movement will “Follow-the-Sun” starting in France, traveling around the globe and ending in Germany where G7 leaders are meeting. “Follow-the-Sun” will showcase 24 hours of video content featuring dozens of our SAGE survivor board, partners and allies. Won’t you join us? See detailed video directions below on how you can add your video to this massive global event.

Advocacy Postcard

In November, Home, Interior and Security Ministers from G7 countries will be meeting in Germany. The Brave Movement is building pressure on these leaders to ensure they listen to our demands. Brave objectives for the meeting include: 1) Ensuring that survivors’ voices are heard ahead of and at this key meeting 2) Getting progress on our call for legislation to make the internet safer for children 3) Securing billions in investments for domestic and international funding to end childhood sexual violence around the world. Make your voices heard with G7 leaders! Sign and send a postcard today!

Mobilize on Social Media

Want to join our movement and make your own branded Brave “purple plaque” to mobilize on 18 November? Get detailed instructions on how you can individualize your photo and message on a Brave Movement purple plaque. Show your support with your social networks by adding a “Prevention, Healing and Justice” badge to your social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

¡Mobilícese este 18 de noviembre!

Explore nuestro Kit de Recursos del Día Mundial de Mobilización con herramientas de redes sociales, medios y cabildeo para adaptar a su llamado de acción local.

Reach Out to Your Local Media

Engage your local media and spread the word! The Brave Movement has prepared the media alert template below with key messaging to alert your local press on our 18 November mobilization and organize press conferences in your home country.

Anna Macdonald

Meet Anna Macdonald, our new Executive Director

We are excited to welcome our New Executive Director, Anna Macdonald, to the Brave Movement. Macdonald comes to Brave with 25 years of international advocacy experience working on social justice, human rights, arms control and disarmament. Most recently she served as Practitioner-in-Residence at Columbia Law School’s Human Right Institute and New York University’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice.

How are you mobilizing for 18 November?

Tell us what you’re doing with your networks and in your countries. Send details of your 18 November mobilization to and the Brave Movement will feature your efforts in our global round-up of activities. Join us today and see all these wonderful tools on our 18 November landing page.