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An epidemiologist offers Coronavirus answers as infections spike

I’m not sure what the impact of months of strain from a mysterious killer that has upended our lives has caused, but I know the lack of consistent clear coronavirus answers has increased the emotions, financial and physical impact in disastrous ways. 

As an epidemiologist who worked on the front lines against numerous diseases including the effort to turn the tide against the spread of HIV/AIDS, I knew this one would require more than anyone wanted to admit in the early stages.

I wrote my prescription for health back in March. I think it’s even more valuable today as we reach a new level of the outbreak within the United States. I have also been doing Facebook live sessions where I apply my experience, research and expertise to answer your questions and give you clear, actionable coronavirus answers you can trust. 

In these Q&A sessions, you can get useful answers to critical questions, like what’s the safest way to travel, why is the age of infections going down, and should you wear a plastic facemask. There will be more to come, as I remain committed to helping as many as I can until this terrible pandemic is finally in check here in the United States and around the world. 

WHAT: Facebook Live Chat on COVID 19 pandemic

When: Mondays July 13 and 27 at 3 pm 

Join us and invite others.


One thing I can do: provide reliable coronavirus answers

So why do I do this? Do you remember back in February and March when we heard this pandemic “was like the flu,” would “disappear like a miracle” and a whole bunch of other bad information? 

Back then, I was stressed. I worried for my family. I worried about the misinformation and politicization of our national response. I felt the fear, which I know I can only counteract in two ways: 1) Work for a solution and 2) Wage Optimism. 

Both get harder each day and more urgent. So I keep at it. 

By Waging Optimism, I reject the fear and focus on a dream of what the world will be when we rally together and find real solutions to the ills that plague us: the climate emergency, racial injustice, a broken democracy, and a lack of coronavirus answers. This is why I formed Build a Movement 2020 because I knew it would take a grassroots effort that is willing to tackle all of these issues to make real, lasting, systemic change. 

We can and will overcome and work toward a solution. In the weeks ahead we will grapple with two historic challenges: finally altering the course of our 244-year-old racial injustice and ending the worst of the impact of COVID-19. We can and will do both. 


What can you do during troubling times?

You can help. You are needed. Every one of us can play a role in turning us away from these bleak, divided and confusing times. Part of what BAM 2020 does is help you do just that. We have action items through our Action Center that allows you to contact legislators in under a minute, to tweet to them urging action and to connect to others (like our Covid-19 Emergency Response Facebook Group). 

You can help spread accurate information about critical issues like the climate emergency or help people connect with the #BreatheWithMe initiative. It takes a little more than a couple of seconds on social media to share these posts and encourage your friends and family to get engaged. 

You can help people get accurate coronavirus answers simply by sharing this post and telling them to read it! 

This is how democracy works. We don’t let our leaders dictate to us what we can do, we dictate to them what they WILL DO! 

Aren’t you tired of the failures of our political leaders? How many more (like George Floyd killed by police or the more than 100,000 people killed by COVID-19) have to die before we all realize enough is enough?! I’m ready for a little rebellion right about now. How about you? 


How can I help? By providing trustworthy coronavirus answers

If you’re still reading it means you care! You’re committed to a future like the one I envision on the first pages of Waging Optimism. The vision I’ve been working toward throughout my career of waging justice

Like you, I ask myself constantly what can I do. What’s my small part? As I mention above, in the specific case of COVID-19, I can help people have trustworthy answers. Information is power and I want you are loved ones to have as much of it as you can.

Feel free to reach out through our contact page if you have a question you’d like me to answer in the weeks ahead.

As we know, we’re in the grip of this pandemic right now. Don’t grow weary. Grow together. Let’s #endcovid19 together. 

Has the Moment for a New America Arrived?

heart of a new america

Has the time for a new America—America 2.0—arrived?

A growing number of people think so. Civil rights leader Al Sharpton announced a second historic March on Washington for August 28, the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

But what if, instead of a demand for unfulfilled justice, this event becomes a victory march?

In tandem with the March on Washington, we can rise together in a peaceful protest that surrounds the U.S. Capitol. We can demand an amended Constitution that ensures our government finally and fully realizes its promise to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Yes, we are serious. Yes, we believe it can be done. We know it can heal America. The time for this sweeping, revolutionary change is now.

Let me explain.

A crumbling democracy calls for a New America

We have entered our fourth year of “Making America Great Again,” yet by all measurable criteria, the United States of America is anything but. It’s not great, not united, and is broken beyond repair.

Consider what this vision of a “great America” has brought:

●       A failed response to a global pandemic that has needlessly cost tens of thousands of lives, swiftly crushed the economy, and displaced millions of workers.

●       A rampant string of falsehoods from our highest leaders that have left the entire populace without institutions to believe in.

●       A heightened distrust in medical science at a time when our communities need to depend on it.

●       A police and justice system that is bigoted to its core and open to presidential and partisan interference, while black and brown people are targets of institutional violence.

●       A failed public policy that has accelerated the climate emergency that looms as the greatest threat to humankind in our known history.

It’s time for a little rebellion

In recent weeks, our nation’s highest-ranked military leaders have shattered long-standing norms to speak out against the president and his threat to use military force to quell the voices of dissent pouring into streets nationwide.

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell objected with crystal-clear clarity: “We have a Constitution. And we have to follow that Constitution. And the president has drifted away from it.”

Since making America great has failed, why shouldn’t we shift our efforts toward making a New America instead? Perhaps a moment like this is what President Thomas Jefferson had in mind in his letter to James Madison when he wrote, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.”

Think back, just a few months ago, to the 2020 State of the Union address. Climate change was finally an issue (sadly, not the issue) for the coming election in November. Words like coronavirus and pandemic were unfamiliar to most. The Green New Deal seemed ridiculous with its cost. And Black Lives Matter had been relegated to a minor point of recent history.

Does this seem like a lifetime ago? A different world? An alternate reality?

Remember when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told Bernie Sanders, “People are looking for results, not a revolution”?

“Now, in virtual town hall meetings, media interviews, his own podcast, and in a rare formal address Tuesday, Biden has pointed toward a transformational era in which government would play a bigger role in curing the country’s public health, economic, and racial woes,” the Washington Post reported.

This is a moment crying out for historic, revolutionary change

During the pandemic, people often spoke about returning to “normal.” Two months of quarantine, 44.2 million newly unemployed, and weeks of dramatic and determined protests for racial justice have ensured we’ll never go back to that world again, even if we wanted to.

Whatever comes next will not be normal. This upheaval sets the stage for a revolution that changes how the American government functions.

“Revolutions do not necessarily erupt at the moment when people are most oppressed. Rather, revolutions have more often been the result of ‘rising expectations,’” author Christine Adams recently wrote in the Washington Post. “Periods of progress followed by crushed hopes can be especially dangerous, leading to rage and violence.”

I launched Build a Movement 2020 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2018 with one purpose: to create a grassroots movement committed to solving our country’s biggest challenges. One we haven’t shied away from is the need for America 2.0, which starts with sweeping constitutional reform that finally realizes the great call for liberty and justice for ALL people.

In our 244-year history, the United States has never realized this vision.

The protests that have grown over the past weeks demand this. If we can come together around these common bonds and keep the pressure on through August, we can secure sweeping constitutional changes to heal America, restore our climate, and responsibly end COVID-19.

Now is our moment for a little rebellion.