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Has the Moment for a New America Arrived?

heart of a new america

Has the time for a new America—America 2.0—arrived?

A growing number of people think so. Civil rights leader Al Sharpton announced a second historic March on Washington for August 28, the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

But what if, instead of a demand for unfulfilled justice, this event becomes a victory march?

In tandem with the March on Washington, we can rise together in a peaceful protest that surrounds the U.S. Capitol. We can demand an amended Constitution that ensures our government finally and fully realizes its promise to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Yes, we are serious. Yes, we believe it can be done. We know it can heal America. The time for this sweeping, revolutionary change is now.

Let me explain.

A crumbling democracy calls for a New America

We have entered our fourth year of “Making America Great Again,” yet by all measurable criteria, the United States of America is anything but. It’s not great, not united, and is broken beyond repair.

Consider what this vision of a “great America” has brought:

●       A failed response to a global pandemic that has needlessly cost tens of thousands of lives, swiftly crushed the economy, and displaced millions of workers.

●       A rampant string of falsehoods from our highest leaders that have left the entire populace without institutions to believe in.

●       A heightened distrust in medical science at a time when our communities need to depend on it.

●       A police and justice system that is bigoted to its core and open to presidential and partisan interference, while black and brown people are targets of institutional violence.

●       A failed public policy that has accelerated the climate emergency that looms as the greatest threat to humankind in our known history.

It’s time for a little rebellion

In recent weeks, our nation’s highest-ranked military leaders have shattered long-standing norms to speak out against the president and his threat to use military force to quell the voices of dissent pouring into streets nationwide.

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell objected with crystal-clear clarity: “We have a Constitution. And we have to follow that Constitution. And the president has drifted away from it.”

Since making America great has failed, why shouldn’t we shift our efforts toward making a New America instead? Perhaps a moment like this is what President Thomas Jefferson had in mind in his letter to James Madison when he wrote, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.”

Think back, just a few months ago, to the 2020 State of the Union address. Climate change was finally an issue (sadly, not the issue) for the coming election in November. Words like coronavirus and pandemic were unfamiliar to most. The Green New Deal seemed ridiculous with its cost. And Black Lives Matter had been relegated to a minor point of recent history.

Does this seem like a lifetime ago? A different world? An alternate reality?

Remember when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told Bernie Sanders, “People are looking for results, not a revolution”?

“Now, in virtual town hall meetings, media interviews, his own podcast, and in a rare formal address Tuesday, Biden has pointed toward a transformational era in which government would play a bigger role in curing the country’s public health, economic, and racial woes,” the Washington Post reported.

This is a moment crying out for historic, revolutionary change

During the pandemic, people often spoke about returning to “normal.” Two months of quarantine, 44.2 million newly unemployed, and weeks of dramatic and determined protests for racial justice have ensured we’ll never go back to that world again, even if we wanted to.

Whatever comes next will not be normal. This upheaval sets the stage for a revolution that changes how the American government functions.

“Revolutions do not necessarily erupt at the moment when people are most oppressed. Rather, revolutions have more often been the result of ‘rising expectations,’” author Christine Adams recently wrote in the Washington Post. “Periods of progress followed by crushed hopes can be especially dangerous, leading to rage and violence.”

I launched Build a Movement 2020 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2018 with one purpose: to create a grassroots movement committed to solving our country’s biggest challenges. One we haven’t shied away from is the need for America 2.0, which starts with sweeping constitutional reform that finally realizes the great call for liberty and justice for ALL people.

In our 244-year history, the United States has never realized this vision.

The protests that have grown over the past weeks demand this. If we can come together around these common bonds and keep the pressure on through August, we can secure sweeping constitutional changes to heal America, restore our climate, and responsibly end COVID-19.

Now is our moment for a little rebellion.

COVID-19 Heightens Need to Build a Movement for Change

When Build a Movement 2020 launched last year, we focused on five pillars. We took pains to explain how inter-connected these issues are and how systemic change across each would ensure meaningful progress in all.

Then came the COVID-19 global pandemic that has impacted every facet of our lives. This is a health crisis that has created an economic crisis, a health care crisis and a crisis that tests the very nature of our democracy. The lessons we learn in this great battle will teach and train us for the larger issues to come.

But only if we listen and learn. Only if we truly build a movement that can effectively pair legislation, activism and social impact in meaningful ways.

As you know I’m an unreformed optimist, which is why I didn’t wait to publish part 1 of Waging Optimism. I believe a realistic optimistic, action-centered approach to these great crises will help us realize a new world that is safe for humanity, that ends this pandemic, that restores our climate and that builds a new democracy that works for every citizen.

We can’t accept half measures.

We’ve seen this interconnected play out in the news at a time when every headline is COVID-19.

We’ve seen a planet that’s getting well even as we get sicker. This is our Climate Restoration pillar.

We’ve seen an economy painfully learning to adapt to new realities that will become more sustainable in the future. This is our Sustainable Development pillar.

We’ve seen our democracy’s inability to move beyond partisan politics for a national response despite ample time to better prepare for this crisis and save more lives. This is our Heal America pillar.

We’ve seen people from all walks of life come together on Facebook live conversations, Zoom organizational meetings, shared content and progressive action to build a COVID-19 Emergency Response Group. This is the Gender and Health pillar.

To solve one, we must work together to solve all. The vision I have for 2030 seems more likely now than when I first wrote it in the opening pages of Waging Optimism.

We can build a movement that can ensure change across the pillars that makes each stronger.

I invite you to join this Earth protecting, humanity saving, democracy building, Purple Tsunami of historic change.

Click here an add your name to our pledge.

Click here and contact your legislators to demand rapid testing for COVID 19.

Visit the Dr Paul Zeitz Facebook page at 3PM eastern Mon., Wed. and Friday for a live chat and reliable information about COVID-19 that can help you and your loved ones stay safe.

Repost this article to your social networks and invite other to take action as well.

Breaking the Chain of COVID-19 Transmission Begins at Home

Isolation of Mild Cases Can Save Lives by Breaking the Chain of COVID-19

In recent days, the rhetoric around the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted, from this being a problem that will solve itself to urgent calls to “flatten the curve.” That is, save as many lives as possibly by slowing the uptick of new infections to prevent health systems from becoming overwhelmed over a short period.

In the short history of this crisis, only two countries have successfully flattened the curve of new infections, thus breaking the chain of COVID-19: South Korea and China. Because they were prepared to take extreme measures that other countries are still not courageous enough to do.

One of those steps was to dramatically expand free testing and refine procedures for reporting new cases. The other key strategy was to isolate people with mild COVID-19 illness cases in hotels and dormitories instead of sending those sick and infected people back into shared accommodations or their family homes.

Household transmission is very difficult to prevent, and in multigenerational living situations, it threatens those populations most likely to die from the virus. Breaking the chain of household transmission is key, according to the World Health Organization. Isolation of infected people is one leg of a three-legged stool that also includes testing all suspected cases and properly quarantining close contacts.

Rapid Testing, Isolation Key to Breaking the Chain of COVID-19

Isolation of mild cases is a hard sell for families, friends and partners.

At a time of stress and uncertainty, we want to be with our loved ones. Isolating alone in an unfamiliar place can be painful, lonely and boring, especially if your symptoms are mild. You may even feel fine. But it is a critical step for interrupting transmission and ultimately saving lives.

Isolation seems to be working in South Korea and China, where COVID-19 transmission rates are declining. In Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, no new daily infections were reported for the first time.

Here in the U.S., we are weeks behind–in both the curve of the outbreak and the response. Cases of COVID-19 are about to surpass South Korea, and our rate of new infections now closely follows countries where thousands have already died from the virus. Testing is still not universally available, as both anecdotes and data have shown.

Here in the USA, aggressive isolation of mild cases is something we can do right now. It’s tough, but temporary.  And it’s logistically feasible and affordable.

People with mild cases can be housed comfortably in university dormitories, hotels, or other available locations currently sitting empty.  Both public and private universities, and potentially the hospitality industry, could contribute to this effort while also freeing up urgently needed medical resources to be deployed for those at greatest risk. Leaders at all levels of government should immediately develop plans to launch this strategy as fast as possible.

We have the means, but do we have the will? Now is the time to be courageous. And courage requires both sacrifice and optimism, as I explained in my recent prescription for the troubled times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We must believe in the best of ourselves as humans and members of a shared society. And that means believing that the hardest, most counterintuitive human response—going it alone­—will ultimately be the best choice for saving as many lives as possible.


Are you ready for Waging Optimism? Here’s my prescription for creating a national movement of grassroots change that can effectively tackle the significant challenges we face, from the coronavirus to climate and to our broken democracy. Get your copy for a limited time for just .99 by clicking here. Use the share buttons to invite others to join you in an optimism approach to these troubled time.

My prescription for health in a time of coronavirus

In this unprecedented global health crisis, information is an antidote to panic. Your health and safety in a time of coronavirus will be improved by using proper information for proper steps of action.

By understanding the changes coming within our communities, states, and country, we can act together in solidarity even as we practice acts of kindness and responsibility like social distancing, work from home, canceling events and other significant changes to our way of life.

I’m an epidemiologist. I once founded and served as the Executive Director of the Global AIDS Alliance that helped build the cross-partisan political will to combat the global AIDS pandemic. Against seemingly insurmountable odds, we all were able to work together to forever alter the course of this deadly disease.

We can and will do it again. Now. Here’s my prescription for health in these troubled times of the coronavirus.

coronavirus prescription

RX: health in a time of coronavirus

  1. Take a healthy dose of optimism three times a day. Refills are unlimited. Based on a lifetime of experience working on crises just like this, I can tell you, it starts with one of the hardest, but most critical steps. It starts with Waging Optimism. I’m an unapologetic optimist. I’ve seen the power of my mindset at work. It’s the match the ignites of seismic change for good. My guide to Waging Optimism is here and can support you to be courageous and make a commitment for under a dollar.
  2. Waging Justice once a day: We don’t have to sit back, afraid and do nothing. We don’t have to binge Netflix. We can use our time to take action by Waging Justice for all. Every day we can exercise our rights and responsibilities as Americans. This is how easy it is: Contact your government leaders and legislators in Congress, in your State, and in your local governments , right now in less than a minute and demand they 1) Protect the People, 2) Test the People and 3) Heal the People during this coronavirus pandemic. Click here
  3. Waging Love daily: Humans are social animals. We need each other. At a time of pandemic we may easily slip into fear, isolation, and blame. Instead let’s transform this destructive approach that worsens our problems (and empties shelves of toilet paper from local stores!).  Please reach out to your friends and families and send messages of love and hope. Share your optimism with others who may be afraid. Urge others to join you in action online. Spread love far and wide. Post this and tag me @drpaulzeitz so I can send you back a heart emoji! Every little action beats back the fear that threatens us all.

A movement of systemic change

I’ve dedicated my career to catalyzing large-scale movements. I launched Build a Movement 2020 with the idea of giving back power and control to “we the people,” as  our very existence at stake. It was not an accident that we launched with five pillars, three of which are at play today, right now, this instance to threaten our existence: climate restoration, restoring democracy and health for all. 

Our problems are inexorably linked. Today it’s a coronavirus, but it’s also the unprecedented warming of the Arctic and our broken democracy that has failed to protect and defend our lives and our survival.   We need to win the battle against the coronavirus, we need to ensure the survival of humanity by restoring the climate, and we need to establish authentic democracy here in America. 

We are living in a transformative moment in human history. You are a part of it. We are the solution. Together we can heal America. Can you join us? Simply text BAM2020 to 52886 and take a ten-second pledge to Waging Justice, Waging Optimism and Waging Love and ensure the survival of humanity. 

We can do this. We will. But it starts with a start. A text. A pledge. A commitment. An act. It starts now. It starts now-NOW!

Moment of Truth for America: Coronavirus Epidemic Needs a United, Cross-partisan Crisis Response

The global response to the coronavirus health crisis has reached it’s moment of truth.

As an epidemiologist, I am no stranger to global pandemics. During my career, I have battled hantavirus and meningitis outbreaks in the USA and HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria across the world. Today, against all odds, we are winning: Almost two-thirds of people living with the HIV virus are receiving lifesaving treatment, and more than 30 million lives have been saved. 

This turnaround came about thanks to smart science and the dedication of individuals who did not flinch in the face of overwhelming denial and inaction.

One of those individuals is Ambassador Deborah L. Birx, M.D., who last week was chosen to lead the White House response to the coronavirus epidemic, reporting directly to Vice-President Pence. 

Cross-partisan approval: Birx the right choice to lead coronavirus effort

This was the right move for these uncertain times. Debbie is the Coordinator of U.S. Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS and U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy. She has served under three Administrations, and is one of the few high-ranking Obama appointees to continue in her position under the Trump Administration.

I worked alongside Debbie at the State Department for years. I believe her data-driven, evidence-based approach and her knowledge of global health equips her to navigate the scientific and epidemic control issues within the federal bureaucracy.  She is honest, smart and a true cross-partisan leader.

My confidence in the Ambassador assures me that we will come through the coronavirus crisis with smart leadership–although we don’t yet know how serious the damage will be. But what about the next one? And the one after?

Climate Emergency and pandemics linked

This will not be the last pandemic. The climate emergency, along with unprecedented levels of global mobility, means that disease patterns are changing. We are not ready.

We see evidence of U.S. unpreparedness almost every hour as the current crisis unfolds. Our public systems are stumbling, testing kits are missing, essential supplies are unavailable and scientists are being muzzled. In a time of epidemic crisis, we must change gears and come together as a society to help each other, tempering our partisan reflexes.

Every person in America needs to wake up and get ready­—for coronavirus and what comes next.

My advice as an epidemiologist is to create a plan for preventing infection, illness and social disruption. Know what to do if your child’s school or your work close for a lengthy period. Make sure the elders in your family, pregnant women and vulnerable people in your lives are protected. Consider having extra food supplies and nonperishables on hand. These are good ideas even when no crisis is present.

My advice as a physician-activist is to call on our political leaders to stop blaming and start acting. Fortunately, Congress approved $8.3 billion of emergency funding to mitigate the potentially devastating health, security, and economic impacts of COVID-19 to the United States.  This large infusion of resources – and before a larger crisis unfolds – is vital to ensure that U.S. domestic responders are adequately preparing, support the global response needs, and develop a vaccine and countermeasures to ultimately end the pandemic. 

As we continue the full-throttle implementation of our current coronavirus crisis, let’s also take a longer view, as we will surely have to respond to new and resurgent emerging infectious diseases.  Preparing for the worst is a cross-partisan challenge and requires an apolitical response.

This is about policy, not politics.

Interconnected  pillars for global change

Last year when we launched Build a Movement 2020, we built it on five interconnected pillars of change. Today, I’m writing about one of those pillars, Gender and Health, and it’s impossible to disconnect it from two others: Restoring Democracy and Climate Restoration.

By building a cross-partisan movement of change we can collectively raise our voices about emerging threats like the coronavirus. By demanding our political leaders invest boldly in climate restoration, we can likely prevent and mitigate future outbreaks.

Comprehensive change demands comprehensive solutions. At this critical moment in history calls for us to leave behind segmented, partisan approaches of the past and forever change how we operate. Our goal is simple: ensure the survival of humanity. We do this with a comprehensive approach through prevention and rapid response to emerging threats. We do this by restoring trust with our government by healing our democracy.

No matter what comes next, I believe we will thrive, heal and strengthen our epidemic response systems–if we act with unity and compassion. Together, we can create a culture of trust, openness, and cooperation. 

This is our moment of truth. So what will we choose?

Healing America: Waging Optimism

If you were sick and your physician said you had to take urgent action to remain alive, would you sit around and debate it? Not if you wanted to get well. If I were your doctor I’ll tell you to start by waging optimism and taking action! 

Well, here we are, at the conclusion of this Healing American series. The time for debate is over. The next government of the United States will be elected in less than 400 days. This is the time for action. 

In part one of this Healing America series, we recognized the urgency and illness

In part two, we diagnosed the cause

In part three, we decided to become a miracle cure.

In part four, we set a course for bold action, with America 2.0. 

So, how do we get from where we are today, a sick and dying nation embroiled in political scandal and ineffective government to where we will be upon signing an America 2.0 constitution as soon as possible? 

We start WAGING OPTIMISM and taking action. 

  • We build a movement together. Click here now to take our pledge and get started.
  • We call all justice-hearted Americans mobilize in mass, peaceful, non-violent demonstrations between now and Constitution Day.
  • We make our presence felt at the Democratic and Republic Conventions when the candidates for the President are formally chosen.
  • We demand candidates that will support our America 2.0 Constitution.

Now, it’s time for action.

waging optimism

Who am I to call you to action?

I’m a doctor and the father of five sons.

I am committed to ensuring that my family and all of your families have the opportunity to pursue the American ideal of liberty and justice for all.

My work for the last 30 years has been to hold the United States government accountable. I’ve been waging justice for all Americans and I want you to join me.

I’m an optimist to the core. I’m Waging Optimism now because I’ve seen what happens when people come together, like the time we changed the course of the AIDS epidemic. Like the Climate Justice movement that is making a huge push to save our planet.

On Martin Luther King’s birthday earlier this year, I launched Build A Movement 2020 (#BAM2020) to spark a patriotic revolutionary political movement. The pillars of BAM2020 can be seen here. (Link to blog with pillars). 

I commit my life to healing America and I know we can do it. 

But who I am isn’t as important who you are. 

Will you be the person who at this moment in history took bold action to demand life, liberty and justice for all? 

Will you wage optimism with me? 

Let Justice Ring!

Healing America: A New Constitution Day

Can greed be cured? Can the cancer that has stalled our government, bred hatred and division, eroded our Constitution, and exploited hundreds of millions for the betterment of a few be changed? 

Of course, it can. History is full of such movements where the voice of the people was all that was needed to topple corrupt governments, crush systematic oppression like Apartheid and Segregation, and elect new leaders committed to the will of the people.

Our government was formed by the people, for the people, which is exactly what we must do again. And this time, we ensure ALL people are represented, not just those in power who can most benefit from the current illness of greed. 

Think of it like America 2.0. We need a complete change, a political movement that disrupts the current system of greed with a new government for a modern era.

I am convinced that over the next 265 days, in the time between now and the next election on November 3, 2020, several years we can bring a powerful movement, a cross partisan movement,  of people together to enact a new chapter of American government that finally fulfills the promise of our forefathers. 


A bold proposal for America 2.0

I propose that justice-hearted Americans work together to urgently convene a National People’s Convention before the next election in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our constitution. 

I propose that justice-hearted Americans join forces and commit to create an America 2.0 Constitution and to have it signed as soon as possible.—with a demand that our leaders enact it.

I propose that our new America 2.0 Constitution is co-created with a diverse array of American that can together crafts a constitution order that authentically ensures racial, gender, social, economic, and environmental justice for all Americans.

I propose that our new America 2.0 Constitution ensures that all of government institutions — our Supreme Court, our Congress, and the Executive Branch — are structured to guarantee the equality of gender, racial, and geographic representation.

I propose that our new America 2.0 Constitution insures that the America people can fully unleash our innovation, ingenuity, and ambition to ensure the survival and flourishing of all of humanity, and our natural world–for ourselves and for all future generations.

A bold proposal for a new Constitution

Most importantly, I propose that, upon the signing of the America 2.0 Constitution in Philadelphia, we assemble at Independence Mall, we arrange for the Liberty Bell to be placed back up in the bell tower at Independence Hall, and we ring the Liberty Bell, two times, as we usher in Chapter 2 of the United States of America.

Does this sound impossible? 

Well, it’s not, because it’s happened before. America 1.0 was equally unfathomable at that time. We can do it again. We may need a miracle (link to past blog) but we can create it in less than one year, together.

The time for bold action to radically and rapidly dismantle injustice is now and all it takes are a couple of clicks: 

  1. Sign the BAM2020 pledge to demand a government that works for all
  2. Share your pledge with others on social media and invite them to do the same.

You can help shape the next chapter of America.

Trump, Pelosi, Roberts, Congress Fail to Uphold their Oath of Office

Build A Movement 2020–a cross-partisan mobilization–demands that our political leaders work together to urgently lead “Climate Restoration Emergency Action (CREA) and ensure the survival and flourishing of all of humanity.

WASHINGTONFeb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In September 1787, over 232 years ago the current U.S. Constitution was approved with a preamble that states, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

While our political leaders are entrenched in tiresome bipartisan warfare, their leadership is woefully inadequate in the face of the ever-worsening climate emergency.  In fact, their failure over the past years places humanity with the imperative to reduce the risk of catastrophic methane releases, which could trigger a human extinction event in the next 2-15 years.

“Everyone in the cross-partisan climate restoration movement agrees that our American government is violating their oath to the American people,” says Dr. Paul Zeitz, Co-Founder of Build a Movement 2020.  “There is a growing consensus that the only right way to move forward is to create a new American 2.0 constitution, that engages all Americans in a participatory experience, so that at last, together, we can realize the American ideal of liberty and justice for all.

“We can join forces, today and every day going forward, in an inclusive healing movement to solve the climate emergency and usher forth a new era of tranquility, peace, and justice for all. At this critical juncture in history, we can avoid our almost probable certain imminent extinction. Let’s join forces with all Americans and vigorously demand action to restore our climate.”

Build A Movement 2020 is a newly forming political movement that connects political parties, movements, coalitions, organizations, and individuals to solve the existential threats facing humanity.

Build a Movement 2020 co-founder Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician and epidemiologist who has dedicated his career to catalyzing large-scale global movements for health and justice.

For More Info: www.BAM2020.worldwww.drpaulzeitz.org

CONTACT: Paul Zeitz, 202-365-6786, drpaulzeitz@gmail.com

SOURCE Build A Movement 2020

Heated: Trump’s Magical Mystery Climate Solutions

Let’s get to the root of what we may expect tomorrow during the State of the Union. I put out my statement yesterday that called for climate leaders to be ready for a GOP pivot. Heated came out with a new story on these comments.

Here’s a snippet:

It’s tempting, and perhaps wise, to think that Trump was just making stuff up—that actually, we won’t “be hearing about” any unbelievable “answer” or technology to address the climate crisis from the Trump administration any time soon.

But Paul Zeitz, a senior policy adviser for the Foundation for Climate Restoration and co-founder of Build a Movement 2020, doesn’t think that’s true.

The “things” Zeitz thinks Trump is specifically talking about are climate restoration technologies—that is, technologies to restore the climate to the way it was before humans started pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Climate restoration technologies include things as simple as planting trees, and as complicated as using sand-like sprays to thicken rapidly melting ice sheets. The latter is a technology already used by the oil industry.

“Our analysis of [Trump’s] statements … confirmed by other contacts, and our interpretation of the political moment we are in, indicate that there is strong likelihood that new [climate restoration] commitments will be made by President Trump during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 4, 2020,” Zeitz said in an email.

Read the entire story here.

Please like our posts, subscribe to our action alerts and be ready to act in what can be a game-changing moment in building a cross-partisan plan for climate restoration.


President Trump May Shock Nation With Unexpected Climate Announcement

STATEMENT BY DR. PAUL ZEITZ: News Alert: President Trump May Shock Nation With Unexpected Climate Announcement in State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Washington insiders are chattering that President Donald Trump may unexpectedly propose new climate investments in his upcoming State of the Union speech to surprise voters and shock world leaders. This climate announcement would be a significant shift for the administration.

“Everyone in the cross-partisan climate restoration movement agrees that the three pillars of climate action–Restoration, Adaptation, and Mitigation (RAM)–is the only right way to move forward,” says Dr. Paul Zeitz, Co-Founder of Build a Movement 2020.

“I hope Trump does commit to take action on climate, and we’ll be watching closely. As a doctor, I swore an oath, ‘First, do no harm.” So I’ll do everything possible to ensure that Trump does NO MORE HARM to our planet. So far, his disturbing approaches are threatening efforts to return to a proven safe and healthy climate that could ensure the survival of humanity for future generations.”

Indications of Trump’s pivot on climate action came last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, when Trump claimed he is not a climate change denier, even as he repudiated environmental activists as “heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers,” and “perennial prophets of doom.”

But then he signed on to the One Trillion Trees initiative–alongside the United Nations Environment Programme–to restore a trillion trees on earth by 2050 as a natural solution to reduce atmospheric CO2.

“I now believe it’s very possible that Trump will announce investment in both natural and technological climate solutions on land and potentially in the oceans,” says Zeitz. “We don’t know if what Trump proposes will be safe and effective, so we are calling on world leaders to establish strong guardrails against unilateral action that could do more harm than good.”

“Additionally, we don’t know if Trump will prioritize Arctic ice restoration, which is my top priority, to reduce the risk of catastrophic methane releases which could trigger a human extinction event in the next 2-15 years,” says Zeitz.

Zeitz cautions that humanity has no time to lose. But the good news is that there are solutions available to fix the problem. Investors and asset managers are moving away from fossil fuels, and eyeing up to $8 trillion dollars per year market opportunities in climate restoration.

What is Climate Restoration? It means returning the Earth’s climate systems to a proven safe and healthy state. This requires bringing atmospheric CO2 to proven safe levels of less than 300 parts per million (PPM) and restoring sufficient Arctic ice to prevent permafrost melt and the resulting disastrous methane emissions.

Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician and epidemiologist and Co-Founder of Build a Movement 2020, which proudly serves as an initiating partner of the Global Climate Restoration Task Force. Previously, Zeitz work in the State Department during the Obama and Trump Administrations on global AIDS, sustainable development and the climate emergency. To learn more: www.drpaulzeitz.org and www.BAM2020.world.

Contact: Dr. Paul Zeitz

SOURCE Build A Movement 2020

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