Step 7- Mobilize for the future This is not a one-time effort

A march is an event. It’s a rallying point. It’s a start. But it’s not the solution. To be effective, even a march with millions of people all filling the streets in every region of the world, must to into a movement. 

And a movement can’t happen without you. 

Building a Movement 2020 is this movement, one where justice-hearted people are joining forces, in a fusion of solidarity for the purpose of making the impossible, possible. Build A Movement 2020 can usher in a more just and peaceful world. 

We are committed to ensuring that the next U.S. President and Congress shares our commitment to critical steps change. We are committed to holding the next U.S. government accountable for bold and transformative action. 

Our movement platform centers around five resolute pillars, each with a clarion call to action. 

BAM 2020’s five pillars are: 

CLIMATE RESTORATION: We call FOR RAPID CLIMATE RESTORATION and TRANSITION TO 100% CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY to ensure our planet is habital for future generations. Investments in clean energy will create jobs, upgrade our infrastructure and generate economic opportunity while confronting our current climate emergency. 

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: We call for the U.S. to join the rest of the world with a commitment to bold action in support of the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) and the “Paris Climate Accord” — the world’s ambitious agendas for achieving social, economic, environmental, gender and racial justice by 2030. 

ENDING CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: We call on all parents, families, guardians, teachers, coaches, clergy, and leaders in society, to break the code of silence regarding sexual abuse and incest. We call on these individuals to create safe spaces for survivors and to assist them in revealing as well as healing from their hidden trauma. Together, we will create a global and inclusive healing movement.

HEALTH AND GENDER EQUALITY: We call for gender equality, mental health programs, universal health care programs of prevention, and universal care for all Americans. Furthermore,  we call for the support of global efforts to end HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other infectious disease epidemics.

RESTORE DEMOCRACY: We call for major reforms of our political system to ensure fairness, freedom, and justice for all. We call for innovative solutions that can be deployed to address low voter turnout, gerrymandering, and campaign finance rules.  Additionally, we also call for the deployment of solutions that will assist in the combating of firearms violence, racially-biased voter suppression, and mass incarceration. 

On Sept 19, we joined the world to march for climate justice. Now, we ask you to join us in our continued movement toward justice for all. We will “Build a Movement 2020” to restore our government being run “by the people, for the people,” instead of  “by the greedy, for the greedy.” 

Join us today. Click here to take action. 

Get to stepping: Join the Global Climate Strike

Tomorrow we march. 

Tomorrow we join hands with everyone, everywhere to take a stand for the survival of humanity. 

Tomorrow we get to stepping…. one stride at a time, confidently rising as a collective for justice.

Tomorrow is the Global Climate Strike. It is part of the UN Climate Summit’s week of action.  

The strike will see millions of people walk out of their jobs or school for the day and join protesters to march for climate justice and bring further attention to the need to combat climate change.  It will be the largest climate mobilization in human history…and we are just getting started.

Four corporations– Ben & Jerry’s, Lush Cosmetics, Patagonia, and Seventh Generation — have made the socially conscious decision to shut down for the day, encouraging their employees to march. 

Tomorrow could be the tipping point of change, but only if we all rise and march together and then webbed to hold our leaders accountable. As the march organizers state, “Our house is on fire. Let’s act like it.” 

There is a reason we launched Build a Movement 2020 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day earlier this year. Social justice and critical change will only come when we as citizens create enough of a movement that leaders in political and business leaders are forced to respond. 

“The arc of the moral universe is long,” Dr. King said, “but it bends toward justice.” 

Climate restoration is crucial for the survival of humanity. It is the justice issue of our time. 

The clock is ticking. We can work together to restore a healthy climate for all of humanity now and for future generations. It’s time for worldwide Climate Restoration Emergency Action to ensure that humans can survive on Earth. 

We invite you to share pictures with us from all over the world. Tag @buildamovement2020 on Facebook and @B_A_M_2020 on Instagram. We’ll repost, reshare and shout your march for justice to everyone in our networks and partnerships.

See you outside tomorrow!